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      Save A Life

    Gallon Mason Jar Filled With Goodies

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1 Raffle Ticket $5 or 5 Raffle Tickets for $20

Whether You Are Sending To A Friend's Pet, Family Member's Pet Or For Your Own Family Pet   

We Take The Hard Part Out! 

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We Stand In The Lines For You

All Proceeds Go To Rescue Dogs In Danger In Kill Shelters


They Deserve A Christmas Too!

Build A Box/Stuff A Stocking

2 Toys, 2 Bags of Homemade Dog Treats and 1 Collar Charm/Zipper pull for $8          


3 Toys, 3 bags of Homemade Dog Treats and 1 Collar Charm/Zipper Pull $12 

1 Personalized Ornament Stocking, 4 Bags of Homemade Treats and One Collar Charm/Zipper Pull $15


Or ....We Can Stuff A Stocking For You For  $30 (includes shipping)

Homemade Gourmet Dog Treats

All Natural Sweet Potato Chews

Bacon & Cheese Muffins

P-Nut Butter "Gingerbread"                  Men

   One Pink or Blue dog collar charm or zipper pull for a jacket

Travel Dog Water

      Only 3 left

Plush Water-Bottle-Stuffed Dog-Shaped

                     Dog Toys, 10 in.

          Empty plastic bottle inside, dogs love the     

             crackling sound when they bite on it.                   

Interwoven Ball

Personalized Key Chain                  

Personalized Glass Ornament

      Personalized Ornament Stocking

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